Mision & Vision

Mazandaran Science and Technology Park is a specialized member of the province, a member of Iran's Islamic technology network.This center, in accordance with the 1404 Islamic Perspective document and the comprehensive scientific map of the country, and the policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which are embodied in the principle agreement of the park, have played an important role in provincial and regional development, and their activities are in support of From the elites, technicians, scholars, academics, craftsmen, and members of the faculty, it organizes knowledge-based companies and technology units.

Mazandaran Science and Technology Park is one of the obvious examples of resistance economy and the goals of Article 44 of the Constitution in supporting the knowledge-based companies and the private sector active in the field of technology of the country and with excellent management, credibility, penetrating and stable and creating an appropriate space for the emergence. The talents and abilities of technologists and knowledge based companies are against the Supreme Leader, the government, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the well-known and sacred people of Islamic Iran.
The staff and the park's technicians, using the various capacities of science, research and human and natural resources, especially in agriculture, fisheries, natural resources, health, information technology, tourism, and engineering, all endeavor to achieve prospects. Establishment of 700 knowledge-based companies will be used in 5 years and at least 8 growth centers will be established in the provincial cities.

Mazandaran Science and Technology Park is committed to protecting Iranian labor and investment as an effective and privilege for Iranian entrepreneurs and investors, with the slogan of national production, support for work and capital of Iran. Mazandaran Science and Technology Park Management Department believes that our best bridge between university and industry is the science and technology parks that can bring dynamic and competitive industry by solving problems of manufacturing sector.

The park considers the main goal of realization of its mission to the managers and employees who are all their motivation and efforts to support the scientific and technological flow of the country with the aim of transforming the Islamic Iran into a model of the Islamic world in development and development, relying on self-belief and abilities Native We hope that in the light of the attention of the Imam of Asr (AJ) and the efforts of the scientists and the support of the dear authorities of the country to Iran-Abad and developed with a privileged position in the field of science and technology in the region and the world.