Minonet is a network of technology that has been launched in Mazandaran Science and Technology Park recently. MSTP has always desired to provide a suitable condition for resident companies to communicate and interact with both universities and research centers but because of the geographical features of Mazandaran it encountered some difficulties which prohibited proper communication. Minonet is Mazandaran's network of technology and innovation which aims at providing social justice and services in knowledge and technology fields. In Minonet each user can have a network of favorite members and then they can follow and even call them. There are other facilities like messenger, sharing space and, etc. Many users are concerned about finding costumers for their products so Minonet is a reliable way to do this. One of the main impacts of Minonet is the ease to find everyone whose expertise helps the user through studying their resume and the process of finding sellers and buyers becomes virtual so it helps the virtual ecosystem to stand out. In the near future Minonet will present some new services.

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